This is Your Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council!

Our mission is to protect the people, property and natural resources in
Oak Hill area neighborhoods from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation, and action.

Established in
January 2019

Grass-Roots and All-Volunteer

A bunch of your neighbors joined together in January 2019 to form the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council. We’re one of ~20 associate councils under the umbrella of the nonprofit El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, a 501(c)3.

Helping Each Other

Many of us know people who lost their homes, livelihoods, and more in the recent fires in California. We don’t want it to happen here.

The council is about working together – neighbors helping neighbors – and with local fire officials to make our homes and neighborhoods safer in case a wildfire hits here.

All Volunteer

The Oak Hill Fire Safe Council is made up of volunteers who believe that, together, we can make real progress in making our area safer from wildfire.


We’re all about neighbors helping neighbors. Nobody cares more about our neighborhood or neighbors than we do. We lend a helping hand when it’s needed and are glad to take a hand when we need one.


We are local. We know our area better than anyone else. And we are committed to achieving our goal to make the Oak Hill area safer from wildfire.  


The goals of the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council are to:

  • Educate homeowners about making their homes fire resilient and about what to do in the case of a wildfire (and when to do it)
  • Obtain grants for and implement projects to create firebreaks and reduce fuel loads
  • Provide a forum for residents to share information, solve problems and help each other
  • Develop strong relationships with local fire departments and other government and private organizations
  • Participate in El Dorado County Fire Safe Council programs, including Chipping, and Seniors’ and Veterans’ Assistance programs

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Reach Us the Old-Fashioned Way

Send mail to the address below:

Oak Hill Area
Fire Safe Council
P.O. Box 75
Diamond Springs, CA


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